5 down, 2 to go. Carl Reglar has put a little bit more distance between him and Sammy Martinez in 2nd place. Liz Gloeggler still leads the women by ~3 hours.

Congratulations to the Merry Cranksters women. They banded together to complete the Zwift Treasure Hunt today. It looks like they were the only ones. Many others got one or two clues. Coach Hunter threw a curveball with the wind vane clue, which was a couple of corners up Alp du Zwift. That one stumped everyone.

Tomorrow’s challenge is from Coach Aidan. Can you ride for 2 hours straight with your Pacing Partner (now called Robopacers). Pick the Robopacer that closest matches the pace of your Zwift race category w/KG. If you are between choices, you can go down in w/KG. If you are saying “NO WAY I CAN DO THAT.” Don’t write it off immediately. The key is to ease up when the speed is high (because the effects of the draft are higher and it will be easier to sit in) and try to anticipate the hills because that is when you will be working the hardest to stay in the pack, especially when you go past the hour mark. And on that note… eat a lot! If you do not fuel well during this effort you have little chance of hanging on in the final half hour. It will feel too hard and you will crack. Good luck!


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