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How we test

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A Complete Fitness Analysis includes a full battery of testing to determine your FTP, Lactate Threshold, Anaerobic Threshold, Aerobic Threshold, VO2 Max, Fat Oxidation Rates, Gross Efficiency, Fractional Use of VO2 Max at Threshold, Resting Metabolic Rate, and Body Composition.

Whether you are years into using a power meter or just starting out to nail your first 5K, CCNS can help. We love seeing athletes gain confidence from knowing what is truly important to get faster.

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Simple, yes. Easy? Not so much. Knowing your Resting Metabolic Rate and corresponding caloric needs is crucial to effectively and efficiently lose weight, gain weight, enhance recovery, and have more energy in general! CCNS uses advanced calorimetry to pinpoint your exact caloric needs, and we always seek to make sure you get going down the right path toward your weight goals.

img V02 Testing

VO2 Max (maximal oxygen consumption) testing is an excellent way to determine current fitness levels relative to physical potential by measuring your ventilation rate and oxygen/carbon dioxide ratios in your inspired and expired air. When combined with a proper training program, the data collected from your testing session has incredible value in helping athletes achieve their peak physical condition.

img Body Composition Analysis

In the quest for more speed, and endurance, the athlete often defaults to “lighter is better.” With a Body Composition Analysis, CCNS coaches will help you determine your body composition and ideal weight for performance AND healthy living. In addition, we will help you feel confident about your standards for body weight as we establish weight goals and nutrition programs.

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CCNS provides aerobic assessments and testing to endurance athletes in various disciplines using hospital and university-grade physiological testing facilities.  

Knowing how intense your training needs to be to gain the maximum return is crucial whether you are a cyclist, a runner, or a rower. Your unique response to our Olympic training center testing protocol through gas analysis and direct blood lactate sampling helps create detailed training recommendations and zones. This test will determine your FTP, Lactate Threshold, Anaerobic Threshold, Aerobic Threshold, VO2 Max, Fat Oxidation Rates, and Gross Efficiency.

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