CCNS Athlete Lucas Huesman Wins the TTT At The Collegiate National Championship!

Lucas Huesman Wins Collegiate Team Time Trial

Long-standing CCNS athlete Lucas Huesman recently concluded this year’s collegiate cycling season with a victory at the Collegiate National Championship.

Lucas is a phenomenal example of a young rider who has fully embraced his collegiate racing experience – not necessarily to go Pro in the future – but to enhance his experience at school. He uses his position on the collegiate team to enrich his time in school, demonstrating his dedication to his sport and academics. 

Read below for an interview with Lucas about managing school and cycling at the collegiate level.

CCNS: Congratulations on your recent win at the USA Cycling Collegiate Nationals in Albuquerque with Colorado State Cycling. Can you describe what the Team Time Trial event entails and how your team managed to secure the victory?

Lucas: Thank you! The Team Time Trial (TTT) involves four riders working together to cover 18 miles as quickly as possible, finishing with at least three riders. The course was mostly flat but included a steep climb and several technical 180-degree turns. We started training in February under local Fort Collins pro Brannan Fix. Although coordinating practice times was challenging, we managed weekly sessions with varying members and intensified our training in April. We focused heavily on communication, efficiency, and specific skills like echeloning in windy conditions, which were crucial on race day.

CCNS: It sounds like there were some challenges along the way, including a setback against CU Boulder. How did the team overcome that?

Lucas: Yes, we lost to CU Boulder by 20 seconds in a local TTT in March. That loss really awakened us; we ramped up our practice and focused more on race intensity. By April, we were much more cohesive as a team. We also had to handle some nerves the day before nationals—our fourth rider was recovering from sickness and felt anxious about letting the team down. I introduced him to meditation, which helped calm his nerves and focus on the race.

CCNS: On the day of the race, how did your team execute your strategy?


                                                                 Lucas Pictured Here Leading His Team

Lucas: On race day, we were focused and calm. We started at a moderate pace, making sure each rider matched the effort and time on the front. Communication was key; we constantly adjusted our positions and encouraged each other with positive shouts. Managing the 180-degree turns and the final downhill stretch was particularly tough, but we maintained our formation and finished strong with all four riders.

CCNS: Aside from competing, you also are the co-president over at the cycling club at CSU. How do you manage those responsibilities along with your studies in Environmental Engineering?

Lucas: It’s been a challenge but also incredibly rewarding. As co-president, I handle logistics for racing trips, manage budgets, and plan group rides for a team of over 80 members. Balancing this with my studies and personal life requires careful scheduling and prioritizing. I dedicate specific times for training, studying, and club management. It’s tough, especially with racing nearly every weekend, but my co-president, Isa Naschold, and our team officers are a fantastic support.

CCNS: Any advice for aspiring student athletes?

Lucas: Definitely. Being part of a team and taking on leadership roles, even small ones, is enriching. It’s not just about individual training; it’s about contributing to something bigger and sharing in the collective effort. It’s rewarding and teaches valuable lessons about teamwork and leadership. Everyday I ride like Dave Hoyle. I am inspired by what he did for the CT Cycling community and I hold his values true to own. He and coach Aidan Charles raised me from a junior and now I feel that I can make an impact on so many people in this world, just like they did for me.

CCNS: And what’s next for you after such a successful season?

Lucas: After nationals, it was straight back to Colorado for finals week, so it’s been hectic! Looking ahead, I plan to keep balancing my studies with cycling, possibly explore more competitive events, and continue to foster a supportive community within our cycling team. I also want to focus more on personal well-being—things like meditation, healthy eating, and sleep have become crucial for me.


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