We’re getting excited… The friendly trash-talking has begun… Preparations and course recon’ing for the ZwiftOmnium is on par with any much-anticipated IRL (in real life) event!

Scoring Notes and Event Details:

  1. The General Classification is by total points scored over the three events. Each day’s scoring is determined by the total number of riders registered in each category at the start of the omnium. For example, if the omnium B category has 20 racers, the first-place omnium finisher each day from the B field will receive 20 points. 5th place in the omnium field receives 16 points. 20th place in this example scores 1 point. Riders can skip or score zero points in any event and still receive an overall GC ranking.
  2. It is critical that all riders must have Team CCNS listed as their team in their Zwiftpower profile to be scored. If you do not, you will not be listed in the omnium results.
    Step#1 Click here to go to the CCNS team page.
    Step#2 Click on the “Join CCNS” button. Note, you can keep your primary team if you have one already.
  3. Women, please enter the D field for Saturday and Sunday’s races. Those that normally race in a higher men’s category may be filtered out by Zwiftpower, but don’t worry, we will use unfiltered results to ensure all women are scored together.
  4. On the men’s side, anyone listed as “DQ” or “UPGRADE” by Zwiftpower after a race will not have those results scored.
  5. In the case of a GC points tie, the highest finisher on the final stage is placed ahead.
  6. All riders must use a heart rate monitor to have results count towards standings.
  7. Scoring will be updated and posted to the CCNS Facebook and Instagram pages by 8:00 PM each day.

Omnium Events:

Friday: Zwift Fast Fridays Tempus Fugit Time Trial. There are three race start times to choose from:
1:00 AM EST – Link
9:00 AM EST – Link
5:00 PM EST – Link

This event is “E” for everyone. Omnium riders will be scored for the stage within the omnium category they registered for on Bikereg. You have the choice of three times for the Friday event. Riders do not have the option of choosing the best time in the case of multiple time trial attempts. Your first time listed is the one that counts. Note that field size is capped at 250 for each race start. Expect fields to fill up so register for your race choice early!

Saturday: The USAC Dadurday Chase Race, 7-7:15 AM EST – Link
The omnium category you signed up for is the Zwift category you should enter. Women, please enter the D category.

Sunday: The KISS America 100km race. 9:15 AM EST РLink will be posted
The omnium category you signed up for is the Zwift category you should enter. Women, please enter the D category.

Check the CCNS Facebook page and the CCNS News page for more announcements, race highlights, tips, and results.

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