The CCNS ZwiftOmnium is coming…


CCNS is organizing an omnium style “stage race” during April 10th, 11th, and 12th. The omnium will use established, well-attended Zwift events as the backdrop for the competition. Participants will be racing not just each other, but the entire race field as well, which can number into the 100’s at these events.

Omnium categories will be set by the A/B/C/D Zwift fields, and there will be a Women’s field. Round up your teammates to join you! Categories with less than 5 riders will be “canceled” and results in these will not be tracked.



Friday: Zwift Fast Fridays Tempus Fugit Time Trial, 9 AM EST
Saturday: The USAC Dadurday Chase Race, 7-7:15 AM EST
Sunday: The K.I.S.S. America 100km race. 9:15 AM EST


  1. The General Classification is based on total points scored over the 3 events. Each day’s scoring is based on the total number of riders starting that day plus bonus points for finishing on the podium of a race. Riders can skip or score zero points in any event and still receive an overall GC ranking.

    For example, if the Omnium B category has 20 riders total at the start of stage 1, the first-place finisher from our omnium will receive 20 points. 5th place in the omnium field receives 16 points. All the way to 20th place in this example, who scores 1 point for day one.


  2. In the case of a GC points tie, the highest place finisher from the final day shall be placed ahead.


  1. Friday’s TT is an “E” for everyone in one Category. Riders will be scored within the category they registered for on Bikereg.
  2. All riders must be registered with
  3. All riders must use a HR monitor to have results count towards standings.


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