The CCNS TTT Series

The goal of the CCNS TTT Series is to give teams and friends the opportunity to race outdoors in the face of current limitations that are affecting mass-start events. Series TT’s can be run when it is convenient for each team, and winners are determined by Strava segment times. The first half of the season will be run round-robin style, to establish which teams have the best win/loss record. Top teams will go onto a March Madness-style tournament to be held in late August – September. Register on HERE. Registration is for a single team. Completing each team’s roster will be handled via email after the team is registered.
Series Basics:
  • Teams race 3 riders each event, with an optional rider serving as a substitute in case the need arises.
  • The number of races each team does, and the frequency of those races, will be determined by the total number of teams participating in each category. Races will take place Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
  • After registering, each team submits a “home team” TT course as a Strava segment. Just like major team sports, approximately half the team’s regular-season races will be at home and half will be away.
  • Each race is against two teams, on the same course, with one winner based on the lowest time. All riders count toward the finish time (last rider across the line). Strava must be running for everyone to verify finishing times.
  • Each team can determine when during the Fri-Sun block they wish to race it. Multiple runs are acceptable in the case of mechanical issues.
  • The series will host a website/FB page that publishes the schedule at the start of the season, reports results as they happen, and keeps a record of the standings.
TT Course Guidelines:
  • Each course should be 15-40 miles long.
  • Courses should be generally clockwise in direction with minimal left-hand turns to minimize traffic delays. Out-and-back courses are ok.
  • Climbs can be included so long as any descents are safe for team time trialing.
  • There must be a Strava segment with a clear identification of the start and the stop point of the course (street crossings, terrain features, etc).
Fairness and Accountability:
  • Only USAC legal mass-start equipment can be used. Click here for an explanation of what this includes.
  • Each team has a captain that handles communication with the series, checks Strava files, and makes sure video files are submitted.
  • Every team member must be visible on Strava.
Categories: You do not need a USAC license to participate. • Elite Category is suggested for USAC licensed riders Category 1-3. This is not a requirement and riders may enter which category they would like. • Open Category is suggested for USAC licensed riders Category 3-5. • Women’s Open Category is for all.

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