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CCNS athlete Max Rye has been enjoying an incredible season so far and he is a noteworthy example of a hard-working athlete who breaks down each training goal and race event.

He had this to share, “Coach Ben has done an incredible job tailoring my workouts to the specific demands of my races. We talk through the courses of my

upcoming races during our calls, and he builds workouts that simulate the efforts that I’ll experience. The specificity of these workouts prepares my body and gives me confidence that I’m ready.”

Max is an inspiration because he doesn’t let his body type determine what he goes for on the bike. “I am built like a football player, and that’s because I played football my entire life and through college.” He has these tips for bigger riders, “If you’re a bigger, stronger guy like me, you need to be strategic with how you apply your power. I try to sit in, spin on sustained climbs, and save my attacks for short rollers and flat roads, where my higher absolute power allows me to get

away from the field.”

Coach Ben said, “Max has natural talent, no doubt, but he also brings a huge tactical sense to each race. He wants to know and be prepared for everything he will encounter. He nails it in training, so his execution on race day is better.”

Max has his sights on attacking the rest of 2023! “My original goal for 2023 was to get my Category 1 upgrade, but I managed to do that before March! I’m racing Unbound Gravel again this year, and I’m confident going into the amateur 200-mile race. I also plan on doing the amateur road race, time trial, and national criterium championships this year with a few of my Specialized Project 74 teammates. I want to hold my own in all three events and help my teammate win the road race.

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