CCNS Athlete Adam Marong

Yale Police Department Patrol Officer Adam Marong has been a CCNS athlete for nearly a year. He finished off the 2019 season strong, and he continued to make significant progress through offseason training. He was able to race twice at the Frozen Four criteriums in Plainville before the COVID-19 crisis started. Since then, he has been racing regularly on Zwift. During the recent CCNS ZwiftOmnium, he was thrilled to win one stage and the overall GC in his category!

Through it all, the COVID-19 crisis has caused Adam’s job to be more stressful. His efforts to maintain his training, while staying safe in service to others, are the definition of the word commendable! Coach Ben talked to Adam to discuss how things have changed for him in the last two months.

Ben: Being on the front lines during this pandemic, how has your day to day changed?
Adam: It’s been pretty crazy. Before this, my job as a police officer was already high-risk. Now we’ve stepped it up even more. We are trying to be as hands-off as we can be. Speaking to people through the car megaphone to handle situations, if possible, wearing the PPE we have available to us and trying to look at various situations with a level of uncertainty as to who can infect us unknowingly. We still are receiving everyday calls, alarms, etc. that we must respond to. However, now there is an added level of precaution, we must show whenever approaching ANY person or persons. It’s an added stress to an already stressful daily situation.
Ben: You have helped try to keep other police officers in the department safe. How have you done that?
Adam: I am on the Union Executive Board for the PD, I have lobbied for Yale to implement testing available to all first responders who think they have come in contact with COVID-19. This is hugely important for the safety of ALL first responders (EMT, PD, FD) and their family members. We also opened the Yale dorm rooms to any first responders that do not want to risk infecting their family members. We are doing everything we can to make sure we can do our jobs for the community and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.
Ben: How has this situation affected your training and racing?
Adam. My goal is still to train towards my goals, and it’s my stress relief! Being on the Union Executive Board, I helped lobby for a department-wide alternative schedule to keep everyone safe. My shift schedule hasn’t changed too much during this, so I can still train in the morning before duty calls. The riding helps me stick to my (relatively) typical routine, and it gives me a sense of normalcy before I go out to the front lines. It is equally as important for me to do my training for myself on a personal level to stay fit and healthy. Plus, these Zwift races are very tough and require a high level of fitness! I worked all winter for it, so I’ve got to stay on the pedals!

Adam, thank you for taking the time to talk. Congratulations on your Omnium win! We look forward to getting back out on the road with you. Thank you for doing great work in New Haven. We want to wish all first responders a big THANK YOU and STAY SAFE!

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