CCNS-led Clinics at the Frozen Four Series

The upcoming Frozen Four Race Series will feature a 25 min clinic led by coaches at CCNS and will progress through four weeks. We will teach the fundamentals of safe pack riding and smart bike racing. Riders of any category are invited to jump into each week. Completion of a clinic will equal one race start for category 5 racers seeking to upgrade to category 4. Juniors may participate in the clinic free of charge.

Pack/Peloton etiquette and safety.
Introduction to pack etiquette and safety through “close quarter” drills (bumping) with the use of hand signals and keywords to move smoothly through the group with confidence and precision.

Cornering in the Pack/Peloton
This skill will save you TONS of energy. Learn how to hold a smooth line through corners when you are 2, 3, or more wide in the peloton. This skill can make, or break your race through efficient use of your energy and accelerations.

Safely moving through the Pack/Peleton
Now, let’s learn how to use the pack etiquette and smooth cornering with the tactical side of moving around the pack. This week we will learn how to read the wind, and the movement of the group to most efficiently move into position for key moments.

Team Tactics in the Peloton
Stronger as a team! This week we put everything we’ve learned over the last few weeks into use with our team. Learn how to communicate with your teammates and ride together in order to get the best results your team can. Leadouts, bridging moves, and the fun of attacking and counter-attacking to put your squad in control of the race!


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