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CCNS Wintertide Rising 2022

Kick Off the New Year with a Huge Week

The Challenge starts on Dec 26th and runs through Jan 1st. The rider with the most time at the end of the week will be named the CCNS Wintertide Rising Champion! Upon registering, further instructions for ride tracking will be provided to participants via email.

All Riding Counts

Whether inside, outside, on the road, or in the woods. All your riding during the Wintertide Rising Challenge goes toward accomplishing an epic level of riding for one week.

Challenge Benchmarks

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  • Complete 10 hours of riding during the week and be listed among challenge finishers.
  • Complete 15 hours of riding, and you will be eligible to purchase this year’s special edition “Wintertide Rising” CCNS event jersey (to be announced on Nov 1) from Verge.

The Grand Champion

The individual rider with the most time at the end of the week will be named Wintertide Rising Champion and will receive this year’s grand prize, no-charge entry into any of our upcoming CCNS winter vCamps. That’s right; you are riding A TON to be able to win the chance to RIDE EVEN MORE.

Over the years, we have seen EPIC and slightly crazy rides and performances to win the crown of the Wintertide Rising Champion. We can’t wait to see what our challenge leaders will pull off!

From Our Riders

Event Details and Social Media

  1. All Wintertide Rising participants must confirm an invitation to the official CCNS 2022/23 Wintertide Rising Strava Club. Only riders registered through Bikereg.com will be accepted.
  2. Ride files must be posted by 8 PM if they are to be counted towards that day’s posted standings (Rides posted between 8 PM and midnight each day will still be accepted, but they will be posted in the following day’s results). Scoring totals will be published in the CCNS News Section.
  3. Current CCNS athletes can register for no charge. Please ask your coach for the bikereg.com entry code.
  4. Post up photos from your challenge week and use the hashtag #WintertideRising to be in the running for cool swag, prizes, and callouts on CCNS social media.
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Group Rides

One of the highlights of the CCNS Wintertide Rising Challenge is meeting up with athletes to take on epic rides and adventures together. Each of the CCNS coaches has a fun event planned for next week. We’ve got something for everyone, even a ride for our teams to complete. Just like in previous years, participation in these rides is not mandatory, but they sure will make hitting your goal much more fun!

Wintertide Rising FAQ

All of it! Road, MTB, Fatbike, outside or inside. Easy rides, hard rides, and everything in between. It just needs to be tracked to count!

Through the Strava Club. The club will be the primary method for tracking all hours completed. It is recommended that ride files be saved for each ride. If any totals on Strava are deemed suspicious, we will request ride files to verify. This is serious business folks!

No. All rides must be uploaded by midnight on the same day they are completed.

No. The group rides are a way to bring everyone together and rack up the hours. With that in mind, feel free to buddy up anywhere with friends, family, and teammates to help you get your hours in.

If the weather keeps any scheduled group rides from happening, we will notify participants via the CCNS Facebook Page.

No. Registration on Bikereg closes at 1:00 PM on the 25th. No riders will be accepted afterward.

Maybe? We will flag and investigate rides with a power output that is incredulously low. To be fair to all, riding time must be spent purposefully riding! This is serious business!

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