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CCNS Wintertide Rising Group Rides

Group Rides

One of the highlights of the CCNS Wintertide Rising Challenge is meeting up with athletes to take on epic rides and adventures together. Each of the CCNS coaches has a fun event planned for next week. We’ve got something for everyone, even a ride for our teams to complete. Just like in previous years, participation in these rides is not mandatory, but they sure will make hitting your goal much more fun!


Coach Katrina’s Old School Group Ride (10 AM EST, from Ovens of France in Woodbury, CT)
Coach Katrina invites you out for an old-school group ride. On this ride, only the ride leader knows where we are going! That’s right; we will not have a GPS map route for you! You just need to trust the ride leader. Coach says it will be a moderate endurance ride or 45 to 65 miles in Litchfield county. There will be some hills, some rollers, and some flat terrain 😉 The ride will re-group at the top of longer climbs and for any mechanical issues. The ride meets at Meeting at Ovens of France Bakery in Woodbury, CT at 10 AM.


(Coach Ben’s ride will be announced soon)


Coach Tanner’s Dessert Ride “Challenge” (anytime you want on Wednesday!)
Ok, so this one is more treat than trick. Coach Tanner loves himself some ride goodies. So for his Wintertide Rising event, he challenges you to ride to your local favorite dessert spot and partake in some sweet goodness. This can be a destination ride out to a famous bakery or a loop that finishes back in your hometown at your favorite local stop. Coach wants to make sure you have earned it! Be sure you have ridden for at least 40 miles before enjoying that pie, cookie, cake, or whatever sweet treat you are craving.


The CCNS TTTT (Multiple start times on Zwift)
Thursdays are WTRL Team Time Trial day on Zwift. It’s also the point in our week that a burst of intensity can breathe some life back into exhausted bodies. Join up with a few friends (different genders and race categories are OK to have on a team) and pick out a TTT race time (a zwiftpower.com account is required). Everyone that completes the TTT will get an hour bonus added to their weekly total on Saturday night. Finish on the podium in your respective TTT, and you will receive 5 bonus hours!


Coach Hunter’s Watopia Treasure Hunt (8 AM until ?)
The Wintertide Rising treasure hunt returns! Last year, riders of all sorts had a lot of fun using their legs and sleuthing abilities to complete the treasure hunt as fast as they could. Once again, we will be giving out bonus hours to those who complete the challenge, which Hunter is sure to crank up a notch or two in 2022!


Coach Aidan’s Muscular Endurance Challenge
Coach Aidan challenges you to go LOOOOONG! Can you hang onto your Zwift Category Pacing Partner for 2 hours? Here’s the rub… Anytime during Tuesday the 28th, jump on the wheels of the Pacing Partner that corresponds to your Zwiftpower.com category and ride with them for 2 hours straight, without getting dropped from the group for more than 2 min! Coach Aidan will jump in with the A-Category pacing partner at 8 AM EST. Additional CCNS athletes will also be saddling up at various points throughout the day in the B, C, and D bots. Wintertide Rising riders will be alerted to up-to-date announcements via email.


You know what they say…. Misery loves company. Today on the final day of the challenge, everyone’s legs will be tired from the week, so don’t be shy. Join us with whatever you have left and we’ll use the final day of the challenge to make sure we hit our goals!

  1. The KISS 100 Race Series – America (2.5-3.5 hours, 9:15 AM EST)
  2. The CCNS Group Ride, from CCNS offices in Middletown, CT (2.5-3.5 hours, 9 AM EST).

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