A CCNS Weight Loss Success Story

We are so proud when the athletes we coach meet their goals!
The success of Alejandra Trippet in acheiving her weight loss goal is a great example of what can be accomplished by being pateient with consistent, simple changes to diet and exercise.

Alejandra reached out to CCNS for nutritional guidance to help her get ready for the New York Gran Fondo. She wanted to achieve specific GFNY goals, and she knew that setting the right weight-loss goals – and hitting them – would be vital to having a great race.

We asked her a few questions to get insight and inspiration for the CCNS Community.

CCNS – What were the goals that brought you to CCNS?
ALEJANDRA – I was already trying to lose some weight and did it by tracking my food. However, I wasn’t losing as much as I wanted, and I started to question: What is my optimal weight? How much per week should I lose? Also, I didn’t want to affect my cycling performance. So I decided to look for a nutritionist that was able to understand my cycling goals. This was important to me: a nutritionist that understood cycling.

CCNS – What was your approach to training and nutrition before?
ALEJANDRA – I knew those two had to go hand in hand, but I did not know how to make them work together. Also, the idea I had about a nutrition plan was to go on a diet, which stressed me out because I love to eat!

CCNS – Was there anything surprising about working with CCNS in that first couple of weeks?
ALEJANDRA – Yes, [Aidan] made me realize many things I thought I was doing right, I was totally wrong. For example, my perception of healthy food. Also, it was very interesting how he introduced new changes to my diet. He did not overwhelm me with tons of information and changes. He made sure to introduce those changes one step at the time, at a pace that was realistic for me. This was crucial for my success.

CCNS – How did you handle any pre-NYGF anxiety?
ALEJANDRA – From a nutrition standpoint, Aidan already had prepared me for this type of event. So there was nothing unusual in my nutrition plan for me to be stressed out about. I didn’t have to change anything with my diet.

CCNS – What have you learned during this process?
ALEJANDRA – From a nutrition standpoint, this journey did not feel like I had to sacrifice things that I like. It helped me to understand what things work for my body and when it is the right time to eat. The good eating habits that I learned are now a natural part of my daily routine.

CCNS – What’s next for you?
ALEJANDRA – I want to keep up with my healthy eating habits and maintain my current weight!

Thank you, Alejandra, for sharing your story. We’re proud of your accomplishments! Alejandra showed a lot of discipline and determination as she systemically made the needed adjustments, never looking for shortcuts or making excuses along the way.

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