Kick 2021 Off with an Awesome Start!

The CCNS Wintertide Rising Challenge is a friendly competition for athletes of all abilities to ride more hours than they ever thought possible and kick-off training in 2021. Participants will have their total hours tracked. To meet the first benchmark for the challenge, you must ride for 10 hours during the week. Additional glory and prizes await those that ride longer! The Challenge starts on Dec 29th and runs through Jan 4th. The rider with the most time at the end of the week will be named the CCNS Wintertide Rising Champion! Upon registering, further instructions for ride tracking will be provided to participants via email.

New For 2021, the CCNS Team Challenge!

Wintertide Rising kicks it up a notch this year with an interesting twist on the RAAM team race.
During the week of Wintertide Rising, we are racing across the country... Sort of.

The first team to ride a combined 3000 miles during the week, the approximate distance of riding across the country, wins the CCNS Team Challenge! Teams can be as few as three riders, up to a maximum of 5 riders. Men, women, yound adults, any combination goes. Individuals can ride as a team and still be in the running for the overall Wintertide Rising prize of most hours ridden.

All Riding Counts!

Whether it's inside, outside, on the road, or in the woods. All your riding during the Wintertide Rising Challenge goes toward your accomplishing an epic level of riding for one week.


Challenge Benchmarks

  • Complete 10 hours of riding during the week and be listed among challenge finishers.
  • Complete 15 hours of riding and you will be eligible to purchase this year's special edition "Wintertide Rising" CCNS event jersey from Verge.
  • The individual rider with the most time at the end of the week will be named Wintertide Rising Champion and will receive this year's grand prize, no-charge entry into our new CCNS Virtual Training Camp (Week 1, Week 2) in February. That's right, you are riding A TON, to be able to win the chance to RIDE EVEN MORE.