Kick 2021 Off with an Awesome Start!

The CCNS Wintertide Rising Challenge is a friendly competition for athletes of all abilities to ride more hours than they ever thought possible and kick-off training in 2021. Participants will have their total hours tracked. To meet the first benchmark for the challenge, you must ride for 10 hours during the week. Additional glory and prizes await those that ride longer! The Challenge starts on Dec 27th and runs through Jan 2nd. The rider with the most time at the end of the week will be named the CCNS Wintertide Rising Champion! Upon registering, further instructions for ride tracking will be provided to participants via email.

New For 2021, the CCNS Team Challenge!

Wintertide Rising kicks it up a notch this year with an interesting twist on the RAAM team race.
During the week of Wintertide Rising, we are racing across the country... Sort of.

The first team to ride a combined 3000 miles during the week, the approximate distance of riding across the country, wins the CCNS Team Challenge! Teams can be as few as three riders, up to a maximum of 5 riders. Men, women, yound adults, any combination goes. Individuals can ride as a team and still be in the running for the overall Wintertide Rising prize of most hours ridden.

All Riding Counts!

Whether it's inside, outside, on the road, or in the woods. All your riding during the Wintertide Rising Challenge goes toward your accomplishing an epic level of riding for one week.


Challenge Benchmarks

  • Complete 10 hours of riding during the week and be listed among challenge finishers.
  • Complete 15 hours of riding and you will be eligible to purchase this year's special edition "Wintertide Rising" CCNS event jersey from Verge.
  • The individual rider with the most time at the end of the week will be named Wintertide Rising Champion and will receive this year's grand prize, no-charge entry into our new CCNS Virtual Training Camp (Week 1, Week 2) in February. That's right, you are riding A TON, to be able to win the chance to RIDE EVEN MORE.


Group Rides

One of the highlights of the CCNS Wintertide Rising Challenge is meeting up with athletes to take on epic rides and adventures together. Each of the CCNS coaches has a fun event planned for next week. We've got something for everyone, even a ride for our teams to complete. Just like in years previous, participation in these rides is not mandatory, but they sure will make hitting your goal a lot more fun!


1) The KISS 100 Race Series - America (9:15AM EST)
2) The CCNS Group Ride, socially-distanced, from CCNS offices in Middletown, CT (9AM).


CCNS Active Recovery Ride (6-7AM EST)
Get the week off to a good start, spin out the legs, and collect some time/mileage for your totals before the real fun starts. If you would like to do this ride, follow Coach Hunter and add (CCNS WR) to your Zwift name to receive a group ride invite.


Coach Aidan's Wintertide Rising Challenge: 20 Questions in 60 minutes with Pro rider Sepp Kuss (Noon EST)
Join Aidan as he rides with USA's cycling superstar Sepp Kuss and Thomson Bike Tour's Head Honcho Peter Thomson as they pedal up the Alpe Du Zwift together with the goal of finishing the climb in 60 minutes (3.2 w/kg average). Aidan may hope to pester Sepp with 20 questions about his love life, childhood memories, and life's most embarrassing moments, but Peter will probably help keep him on track with questions about Sepp's banner year on the bike and his plans for 2021. Join us on the CCNS Discord Channel and rack up some CCNS Wintertide Rising Challenge Time! Zwift is setting up the event link soon, and we will be sure to email it to you.


vEveresting with CCNS Athlete Sarah Hreha and Chris Schwenker (All-day)
CCNS athlete and Paris–Brest–Paris finisher Sarah Hreha is taking on the monumental challenge of Everesting on Zwift and she has invited you to come along for some (or maybe all?) of it! She will be climbing Alpe du Zwift 10 times over the course of the day during one continuous ride. Join her, along with CCNS' Zwift Guru Chris Schwenker (and successful vEverest rider) to support Sarah in this EPIC accomplishment. Follow Sarah to be able to join her on Zwift.


Coach Ben's Team Time Trial Challenge (3:30PM EST)
Coach Ben is no stranger to time trials. On Thursday he is inviting teams that are participating in the Wintertide Rising Team Challenge to lay down their best time on the Watopia Figure 8 course. Any team that completes the course together will get a 250 mile bonus added to their tally. Any team that beats Ben's time will get a 500 mile bonus! Be sure to follow Ben on Zwift and add (CCNS WR) to your Zwift name in order to get an invite.


Coach Hunter's Watopia Treasure Hunt (8AM until ?)
Coach Hunter is putting your knowledge and recollection of Watopia to the test with this fun challenge that will take approximately 2-3.5 hours. At 8AM on Friday, we will release via the CCNS Facebook page (and an email to WR riders) five screenshots "selfies" that you will need to take to complete the competition. In order to keep you from cursing out Hunter as you wander all of Watopia's roads, we will also let you know which course would be a good starting point for the hunt. Everyone that gets all five and shares them with Hunter via social media or email receives a one hour Wintertide Rising bonus, and the person who turns them in the fastest gets a two hour bonus added to their totals.


Coach V's DADurday Double (7-11AM EST)
Join Coach Vivien at 7AM on Saturday, the last day of Wintertide Rising, for a double-race extravaganza. Yes that's right, 2 races, to really put the cherry on top of a monstrous week of miles! We'll be racing the 7AM DADurday Chase Race, then riding 2 hours of endurance, before finishing off our ride with the second DADurday Chase Race at 9:45 AM. The expected length of this ride is 4 hours, so if you still need some hours or miles to complete until you hit your goal, this is the ride to do! Hope to see you for one last hoorah before the week comes to an end.