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We know how fun and rewarding it can be to race and train as part of a well-organized group. The goal of Team CCNS is to give athletes the opportunity to race and gain experience as part of a truly cohesive unit. We don’t just go to events in and wear the same jersey. With the help of experienced CCNS Coaches, we go to races with specific team goals and a detailed team strategy.

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When riders fully commit to racing as a team, every individual experiences success, learns from other riders, and has a blast in the process.

Team Commitments

  • All team members must be committed to racing as a team first, coming before any individual ambitions or results.
  • All team members will strive to ride together on a regular basis.
  • Riders must wear a team kit during race events and commit to being a positive and professional ambassador on behalf of CCNS.
  • Team members are strongly encouraged to attend specific team race events. (Contact us for the team calendar)

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