Season 2 of the CCNS TTT Series!

Season 2 of the CCNS TTT Series!

The first season of the CCNS TTT Series was a hit! The teams that joined enjoyed the camaraderie, and even the friendly trash-talking that took place throughout the six weeks of racing.

Season two of the series kicks off in late-September. The premise remains the same. Each race is just two teams going head to head on a challenging time trial course. The fastest time wins that race and that team records a win for the week.


  • This time we are allowing teams of 2 riders AND teams of 3 riders. It's up to you!
  • This time four top-notch courses will be created ahead of the series for all the teams to race on.

The goal of the CCNS TTT Series is to give everyone that chance to enjoy the challenge of a race in an informal, more relaxed setting. Racing is done in a set timeframe, but with options for flexible scheduling. We will determine winning teams by their Strava segment times.

Form your team and register!
Get training! The first race weekend kicks off on September 18th.

We will release the entire race schedule before the first race goes off so teams will know who and where they are racing. Substitutes are allowed during the season. Each team must race 2-3 riders, but can keep additional riders on their rosters to serve as substitutes if needed.

  • The number of races each team does and the frequency of those races will be determined by the total number of teams participating in each category.
  • The team with the fastest time of each race wins that race. All riders count toward the finish time (last rider across the line). Strava must be running for everyone to verify finishing times.
  • A series schedule will be established based on the total numbers of teams. Each race will take place over the course of four days each week, Thursday - Sunday, during September and October. Each team can determine when during those four days they wish to race it.
  •  Results and standings will be tracked and promoted via social media as the season progresses.

As the sport of cycling adapts to the new normal, the CCNS TTT Series is a chance to compete once again on the open roads, in acceptable-size groups. Racing with your crew is the best kind of racing. Round up your friends and form a team!